Irwin Young: Film Processing History & Color Blindness

By: Mitch Jacobson, Category Five Studios | NYC The geek in me feels like a groupie today except I'm not backstage at a rock concert.  I'm at the historic DuArt Film Lab Building in New York City and the “rockstar” I’m here to meet is [...]

Cutting It Close: Editing Tear Jerkers with Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman, A.C.E., was born and raised in California. You could say editing is in his blood. He is the son of legendary editor Don Zimmerman, and his twin brother Dean, and younger brother David are both editors. The Zimmermans cross the fourth dimension as his sisters Dana and Debbie [...]

A Virtual Duet with Andrea Bocelli & Ariana Grande

I had the privilege of on-line editing the new PBS concert special Andrea Bocelli: Cinema for the Great Performances team in NYC this month. My favorite segment features Andrea Bocelli singing a virtual duet with Ariana Grande  E più ti penso from Once Upon a Time in America. The [...]

Cutting it Close with Pietro Scalia: The Intimate Space Between the Director and the Editor

Pietro Scalia has worked closely with several of the worlds best directors including Bernardo Bertolucci, Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott. He has won an Oscar for JFK,  Most recently he completed  The Martian, starring Matt Damon and sat down with me for a nice talk about editing films. Jacobson:  Hi, Pietro. I [...]

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Cutting it Close with Eddie Hamilton: Editing ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Mitch Jacobson:   This film is the greatest action movie of the summer, a real feel good film.  You must be really proud. Eddie Hamilton:   I am enormously proud of the film and how hard we worked on it.  It was a very intense 11 [...]

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Editing-while-Recording The Oscars Live with Growing Media Files

Switching and editing live television programs is the most exciting part of the TV business for me. Lately, I've noticed a lot more calls for live editing-while-recording gigs, possibly due to the technology becoming more affordable and easier to use. For this years' Academy Awards [...]

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Robotic Cameras Learn from Human Operators

New technology helps robotic cameras act like real camera operators and follow action with a human feel...Some day, we will be able to have computerized cameras and editing software completely produce a quality program...especially in this "good enough" era of professional TV production. From Science 2.0: http://www.science20.com/news_articles/this_robot_learns_your_every_basketball_move-152044 [...]

The Zoo Studios Launch TriCaster Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida

The Zoo Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida recently launched their green screen studios and updated their Tricaster 460. I had the great pleasure of training studio directors Justin Mullally and Bruce Murray for NewTek certification. Zoo Studios, owned by James McNeely, is full service with [...]

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Cutting It Close™ with William Goldenberg

I had a chance to talk with William “Billy” Goldenberg who won the Academy Award last year for editing Argo. He also cut Zero Dark Thirty and Transformers to name a few. We discussed his techniques for cutting real world event films, apprenticing with Steven Spielberg's [...]

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Multicamera Madness at CCW | NYC

Mark your calendars for my upcoming session at CCW Content & Comunication World produced by NAB and Future Media Concepts! We will take a look into the latest trends in multi-camera, live-to-post workflows and demonstrate how to work with "Growing Media" to be able to edit multi-camera live [...]

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