Cutting It Close: Editing Tear Jerkers with Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman, A.C.E., was born and raised in California. You could say editing is in his blood. He is the son of legendary editor Don Zimmerman, and his twin brother Dean, and younger brother David are both editors. The Zimmermans cross the fourth dimension as his sisters Dana and Debbie [...]

A Virtual Duet with Andrea Bocelli & Ariana Grande

I had the privilege of on-line editing the new PBS concert special Andrea Bocelli: Cinema for the Great Performances team in NYC this month. My favorite segment features Andrea Bocelli singing a virtual duet with Ariana Grande  E più ti penso from Once Upon a Time in America. The [...]

Is Periscope the Future of Live Streaming?

Have you seen the newest live video apps for Twitter? Periscope and Meercat allow you to share live video and interact with your followers in real time. It's a voyage around the world peeking into people's lives through their eyes...and it is addictive. In minutes, [...]

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Robotic Cameras Learn from Human Operators

New technology helps robotic cameras act like real camera operators and follow action with a human feel...Some day, we will be able to have computerized cameras and editing software completely produce a quality program...especially in this "good enough" era of professional TV production. From Science 2.0: [...]

Cutting Live: Beyoncé Dance-a-Thon 24 hours on MTV tonight!

Starting tonight at 10 PM I'll be cutting live to and the broadcast channel for a special program as part of the MTV Break-the-record week called Beyoncé Dance-a-Thon. It runs all night long for 24 hours till about 10 PM tomorrow. get more info [...]

RIP: documentary filmmaking legend Albert Maysles at 88

Al was an amazing man who revolutionized the documentary film business, invented filmmaking techniques and acted as an ambassador to the industry. He was generous with his time, sharing knowledge and helping young filmmakers. I had the great pleasure of meeting him several times and [...]

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YouTube Experimenting with New MultiCam Feature

Viva Multicam! YouTube, has a new experiment...multiple camera angles for viewers to switch. It's an interactive experience feature that allows YouTube creators to upload videos from different camera angles from the same performance, letting fans choose their view and how they want to experience your [...]

Cutting It Close™ with William Goldenberg

I had a chance to talk with William “Billy” Goldenberg who won the Academy Award last year for editing Argo. He also cut Zero Dark Thirty and Transformers to name a few. We discussed his techniques for cutting real world event films, apprenticing with Steven Spielberg's [...]

Happy Halloween from the Pumpkin Patch!!

Here is a Flashback Friday pic taken about 10 years ago of my darling twin nieces Hannah and Madison when they were just little pumpkins. Have a great holiday everyone and don't forget to see your dentists next week! Photo credit: Roger Jacobson.

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Tear the Roof Off The Sucker!

George Clinton, of Parliament Funkadelic fame, is certainly the man about town these days. He's got a new book out and he's making the rounds with a re-mixed version of his 20-year-old HBO special Cosmic Slop . I had a chance to catch up with [...]