Cutting It Close: Editing Tear Jerkers with Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman, A.C.E., was born and raised in California. You could say editing is in his blood. He is the son of legendary editor Don Zimmerman, and his twin brother Dean, and younger brother David are both editors. The Zimmermans cross the fourth dimension as his sisters Dana and Debbie [...]

Cutting it Close with Pietro Scalia: The Intimate Space Between the Director and the Editor

Pietro Scalia has worked closely with several of the worlds best directors including Bernardo Bertolucci, Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott. He has won an Oscar for JFK,  Most recently he completed  The Martian, starring Matt Damon and sat down with me for a nice talk about editing films. Jacobson:  Hi, Pietro. I [...]

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Cutting it Close with Eddie Hamilton: Editing ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Mitch Jacobson:   This film is the greatest action movie of the summer, a real feel good film.  You must be really proud. Eddie Hamilton:   I am enormously proud of the film and how hard we worked on it.  It was a very intense 11 [...]

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Live Multicam in Premiere Pro- Edit-While-Recording Demo

Hi, Everyone. I'll be at AbleCine tomorrow (Tuesday June 8th) to show-and-tell about a very cool workflow I have been using on a lot of award shows lately: Edit-While-Recording: Live Multicam in Premiere Pro. I'll present a demo with 8 cameras feeding a MacPro with Softron's [...]

DaVinci Resolve Adds Multicamera Editing

DaVinci Resolve has added multicamera editing along with a whole slew of editing updates to version 12. The multicam mode acts like you would expect it to with very familiar steps for syncing angles and cutting in the timeline. From the Blackmagic website: Multi-cam editing in [...]

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New Thunderbolt Cameras for Multi-Cam

Ximea cameras featuring Thunderbolt interface Vision 2014 in Stuttgart, held from 4 to 6 November, saw the first cameras displayed with a Thunderbolt interface. Thunderbolt is a joint development by Apple and Intel which is becoming more widespread in consumer electronics. Allied Vision and Ximea [...]

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“…I’m a Colorist”

It was first thing in the morning on the first day of NAB2014. I'm hanging out after an impressive demo of Resolve 11's full-on editing features. I wondered who wouldn't like it...great trimming. Then, I ran into a friend of mine from South Florida, Senior Colorist Jim Wicks. Jim [...]

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NAB2013: Blackmagic Design Busts Open NLE Editing with Resolve 10

The NAB show floor opened today and approximately 90,000 attendees clammored to discover the new toys, technologies and services offered by the world's best television related companies. I scouted for editing and live streaming goodies and scheduled some key interviews for Wednesday to stream live. [...]

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Please Sign The ACE/MPEG Petition for Editors’ Recognition

It will only take a blink of an eye so please help give film and tv editors the recognition they deserve and click now: Sign The Petition for Editors' Recognition Editors Deserve Recognition! Unlike the celebrities and famous entertainers that film and TV editors work [...]