DaVinci Resolve Adds Multicamera Editing

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DaVinci Resolve Adds Multicamera Editing

DaVinci Resolve has added multicamera editing along with a whole slew of editing updates to version 12. The multicam mode acts like you would expect it to with very familiar steps for syncing angles and cutting in the timeline.

From the Blackmagic website:

Multi-cam editing in DaVinci Resolve 12 lets editors quickly cut programs while playing back multiple sources in real time. You can synchronize camera angles based on timecode, in/out points or even automatically based on audio waveforms! The source monitor displays a grid containing the camera angles and plays them all back in sync while you make your cuts to the audio and/or video. Once you are done with your first cut you can go back and switch to a different camera angle, change audio tracks or trim clips using any of Resolve’s powerful trimming tools.

 Video Demo

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