“…I’m a Colorist”

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“…I’m a Colorist”

It was first thing in the morning on the first day of NAB2014. I’m hanging out after an impressive demo of Resolve 11’s full-on editing features. I wondered who wouldn’t like it…great trimming. Then, I ran into a friend of mine from South Florida, Senior Colorist Jim Wicks. Jim is super busy color restoring 2k and 4k DPX digital scans of classic 35mm motion pictures.
Me: How is your color work doing?
Jim: Oh, yeah it’s great..moved to 4k …added a new grading theater …both rooms are cranking.
Just then, a lovely Booth Assistant walks up to us. 
She: Can I scan your badge?
Me and Jim: Sure, yeah.
Jim: Say, what line of work are you in between trade shows like this…
She: Oh, I’m a model. What do you do?
Jim: I’m a Colorist.
She: (shrieks and grabs her hair): OMG! I neeeed a good colorist! Is there something you can do with my hair?!
Me and Jim: (howling and bent over with laughter)
Jim: Not much, unless you’re in the movies.
Mitch: Yeah, he can make it look even more beautiful in 4K.
And such is the life of a motion picture and television Colorist. But they don’t do hair.


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  1. abrosenfeld May 7, 2014 at 11:44 am

    There was a time, back in the old heavy iron days……

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