Is Periscope the Future of Live Streaming?

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Is Periscope the Future of Live Streaming?

Have you seen the newest live video apps for Twitter? Periscope and Meercat allow you to share live video and interact with your followers in real time. It’s a voyage around the world peeking into people’s lives through their eyes…and it is addictive.

In minutes, I was up and running- all over the world with Periscope. It fast and easy. But, Meercat has me a little miffed. It didn’t show many options.

I can see this technology taking off big time…which of course means corporate broadcasters and celebrity overload but for now it’s all ours!

here is a link to article that explains more about Periscope

Check it out while it’s still cool: Meercat and Periscope

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