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Mastering Multicamera Techniques: From Preproduction to Editing and Deliverables

By: Mitch Jacobson

From a basic two-camera interview to an elaborate 26 camera HD concert film, this comprehensive guide presents a platform-agnostic approach to the essential techniques required to set up and edit a multi-camera project. Actual case studies are used to examine specific usages of multi-camera editing and include a variety of genres including concerts, talk shows, reality programming, sit-coms, documentaries for television, event videography and feature films. Other features include:

  • Advanced multi-camera techniques and specialty work-flows are examined for tapeless & large scale productions with examples from network TV shows, corporate media projects, event videography, and feature films.
  • New techniques for 3D projects, 2k/4k media management and color correction are revealed.
    Technical breakdowns analyze system requirements for monitoring, hard drives & RAIDs, RAM, codecs and computer platforms.
  • Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and several other software programs are detailed.
    Tables, charts, screen-grabs, photos, web-links, blogs, tech school lists and other resource tools for further study.
  • Unique interviews with the ‘Masters of Multi-Cam’ including EMMY and academy award-winning directors and editors who share their project notes and give insight to award-winning techniques.

Key Features

  • Platform-agnostic techniques with a review and comparison of available tools
  • Actual broadcast TV show & feature film projects are dissected to reveal a step-by-step approach to managing multi-camera programs
  • ‘Insider’ procedures are revealed for large-scale productions and upcoming 3D editing

What People Are Saying

The best multicam editing book … ever. If you want to learn about multicam editing then this is the book for you. As an editor who’s cut a lot of multicam over his career I’m still learning as I make my way through the book. Happy reading, happy learning and happy editing!
An essential book for video professionals. The included DVD is very generous with bonus chapters, expanded versions of the case studies in the book, a 21 minute tutorial on multicam editing in Final Cut Pro, and clips from Paul McCartney and Elton John concerts to practice with.
Grant, Missoula, MT
Don’t shoot a music video without it! If you are at all interested in shooting live music or anything else that will require more than one camera – GET THIS BOOK FIRST! It will save you a ton of time and even some money (you won’t waste your $ on “good ideas” that don’t work out.)
Claire, New Orleans, LA
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Author: Mitch Jacobson

  • 472 pages
  • Copyright 2010
  • USD 54.95, Book w/ DVD
  • Published by Focal Press


DVD with an array of multi-cam footage allows you to practice your technique. Over 25 angles are included from two living legends of rock and roll, live in concert.

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