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Congratulations to Edward Pickart of Motion Post TV Chicago and Paul Galando, New York University, NYC for winning the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium suite of software. Thank you both for being a part of MULTICAMp and thanks to ADOBE for your generous prizes and support. @adobe, @mitch_jacobson, @mutlicamptv

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  1. Ed Pickart April 2, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Wow! Winning a copy of Adobe CS6 notwithstanding, MULTICAMp was a tremendous experience for me. Mitch’s approach to the instruction lead us through all of the powerful tools the Tricaster has to offer.

    I’ve been an editor and post-producer for most of my career. Now I feel confident enough to take the first steps to expand my business in to multi-camera video streaming services (It helps to have great crews available here in Chicago).

    Thanks Mitch. It was an extremely valuable weekend for me and my production business here at Motion Post.

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