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NAB2013: The Awesome Amalgam- Premiere Pro

Today is the second day of NAB 2013 and I am reporting from Future Media Concepts’ Postproduction World Conference in the North hall where I have spent the last two days in class for the Adobe Premiere Pro certification program with Maxim Jago.

As there hasn’t been an official announcement yet from Adobe. Ill have to report on the arrival of CS7 ASAP so stay tunes for that…in the meantime, I am psyched to adopt Premiere Pro into my arsenal of tools….a little late to the party for some but just in time for me.

As an editor for over 15 years I have worked on Avid and Final Cut Pro. This year the buzz is on Premiere as many of the network clients I have are reconsidering their workflows. But like many it’s a slow ship to turn as we are set in our ways and delay changes.

So, as this is not necessarily new news (the actual show floor does not open until tomorrow) finally I’m emotionally ready to take the plunge and this certification course got me completely excited about the new direction with the whole Adobe suite.

Premiere really rocks and it was such an easy transition as all of my previous nonlinear experience directly applied to this new program -very quickly. I was impressed by the tight integration with After Effects, Photoshop and Adobe Audition.

Here’s a short list of some of the things I found impressive about the program as I found Premiere to be an awesome amalgam of Avid and everything FCP 7 hoped it could be:

• pre name audio tracks and projects
• easy to learn from FCP
• Hoover scrub
• reset preview frame resolution in project setttings for super fast renders
• on preview files settings it affects output only if you use preview setting for outputs.
* Keep max quality off till final output then make sure that it is on AND resolution is reset to full res
• max render quality is really scaling quality
• audio mastering settings cannot be changed later
• Canopus codec is comparable to ProRes family and works with little overhead. Free for Mac and PC
• analyze content will give a transcript for sound and assign as metadata
• use cue point data in AE with an expression for generating subtitles-not accurate
• dynamic linking to AE

These are just a couple of things that caught my attention. Ill deliver another report that focuses on Premiere Multicam in the next day or so…..

Cutting it Close from NAB,
Mitch Jacobson

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