Please Sign The ACE/MPEG Petition for Editors’ Recognition

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Please Sign The ACE/MPEG Petition for Editors’ Recognition

It will only take a blink of an eye so please help give film and tv editors the recognition they deserve and click now: Sign The Petition for Editors’ Recognition

Editors Deserve Recognition!

Unlike the celebrities and famous entertainers that film and TV editors work with, editors rarely get recognized on the street. And that’s ok. Editors don’t need that kind of recognition. What they do need is recognition for their major contributions to movies and tv shows.

The problem is that the importance of the editor’s role is lost when most film festivals around the world simply leave out the editing category. It is ridiculous to think such an important category can be left out, but you can help change that by signing this petition.

Sign The Petition for Editors’ Recognition

From ACE & MPEG:

During the past year, the American Cinema Editors Board of Directors has been actively pursuing film festivals and awards presentations, domestic and international, that do not currently recognize the category of Film Editing. The Motion Picture Editors Guild has now joined with ACE in an unprecedented alliance to reach out to editors and industry people around the world.

The organizations listed below already recognize cinematography and/or production design in their annual awards presentations. Given the essential role film editors play in the creative process of making a film, acknowledging them is long overdue. We would like to send that message in solidarity. Please join us as we continue the effort to elevate the perception of editors everywhere. You can help by signing the petition to help get recognition for film editors by asking these organizations to add the Film Editing category to their annual awards:

Sundance Film Festival
Film Independent – Spirit Awards
The Berlin Film Festival, Germany
Shanghai International Film Festival, China
San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain
Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia
New York Film Critics Circle
New York Film Critics On Line
LA Film Critics Association
Chicago Film Critics Association
National Society of Film Critics

We would like to thank the organizations that have recently added the
Film Editing category to their Annual Awards:

Boston Film Festival
The International Animated Film Society – Annie Awards
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror – Saturn Awards

More info:

American Cinema Editors Asking Film Festivals, Competitions to Add Editing Category

ACE, MPEG Start Petition Aimed at Film Editor Recognition

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