Sunidhi’s World of Betters- India (Livestream Highlights)

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Sunidhi’s World of Betters- India (Livestream Highlights)

Sunidhi Chauhan inspires a crowd of girls for years to come when she gives them the full Bollywood treatment. She takes them to a major Bollywood studio for a full Bollywood Makeover.

Working in India came with a lot of challenges for us: Security, transportation/shipping, language barriers and health/food risk. However, this trip was one of the best stops because our team came together and overcame all obstacles to make a really fun show. The crew in Bollywood was spectacular. One thing that really stood out was the shear number of people they had for each role on the crew. I would say close to 3-1 people that would be used on a US production. This made things go really fast!

Check out the highlights reel and my personal pictures:

Uploaded by on Nov 29, 2011

Produced By: cYclops

Michael Jurkovac, director

Bill Boyd, producer

Igor Kovalik, editor

Gary Bryman, livestream producer

Mitch Jacobson, livestream technical director

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