Top MultiCam Shooting Considerations

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Top MultiCam Shooting Considerations

Here is a short list of things to consider when shooting with multiple cameras. There are many more things to know, in fact there is a whole book about it 🙂
Check out the list then, check out my book Mastering Multicamera Techniques:
  1. Work backwards from the program’s finished deliverable specifications
  2. Determine post production workflows, formats & frame rates
  3. Create a camera map and lens plan
  4. synchronize all cameras with generated time of day, free-run time code
  5. Use alternate methods of camera synchronizing if time code is not available
  6. Isolate as many cameras as you can afford to tape or disk
  7. Have an alpha-numeric labeling system for all camera and tape assets
  8. Direct for the edit. Don’t worry about line cuts too much– Unless it is live.
  9. Don’t duplicate shots. Use a variety of angles, close-ups and wide-shots.
  10. Keep cameras rolling or start/stop/slate at the same points
  11. Consult an editor in pre-production.

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