YouTube Experimenting with New MultiCam Feature

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YouTube Experimenting with New MultiCam Feature

Viva Multicam! YouTube, has a new experiment…multiple camera angles for viewers to switch. It’s an interactive experience feature that allows YouTube creators to upload videos from different camera angles from the same performance, letting fans choose their view and how they want to experience your video.

YouTube added a first live music performance with four camera angles to its site Wednesday, allowing users to switch back and forth between the different angles while the audio track keeps playing. The video itself, a performance of Madilyn Bailey, is pretty short, and was apparently recorded at the YouTube Space L.A. Go to and then “Choose your view” tab to see the experience.

The service is still being tested and will take a few rounds of tweaking before it is perfect because streaming 4 angles at the same time takes a lot of bandwidth.

If you’re based in the US and interested in testing this out on your channel, please sign up below and YouTube will be in touch as they make this feature more available….use this form:

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