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This is an essential book to both production and post professionals…an essential read.
no better expert than Mitch Jacobson. He is both knowledgeable and very generous… making this
This book, MASTERING MULTICAMERA TECHNIQUES, is a thoroughly comprehensive look at cinematography and the digital editing process.
This is NOT one of those cheesy how-to books. This is part text-book, part insider’s information, part university course
This really is a phenomenal book.
It is essentially a marriage between two departments: the audio/visual and the digital editing departments.
Everything that you need, think you need and things you probably wouldn’t have thought about are discussed here.
Beautiful photographs show how various camera angles are fed and synched to the editing room where we see how the production of the David Letterman show is carried out.
MASTERING MULTICAMERA TECHNIQUES should be at the top of your list.
Beyond 5 stars.
Mastering MultiCamera Techniques is one of the best all-purpose guides for filming, camera handling, and more.
In comparison to other books on the subject, this book is the most in-depth and even includes a DVD with tutorials, bonus chapters, applications, and video footage from a famous musicans.
Film students and professionals alike will find this book quite useful.
The best multicamera book ever written.
This book focuses on a hot topic for those editors and assistants in need of educating themselves in advanced multicamera techniques–be it broadcast, corporate or live events.
Shoot; timecode; sync; edit..nothing is missing – just the opposite.
I can’t imagine anyone that anyone who needs to learn multicamera editing techniques not purchasing this book.
This book is a must read for any editor at any level.
Mitch brings together industry experience with the latest technologies that reads more like a documentary script than a how to book.
Peeking inside the process and revealing tricks and tips that will serve any film maker, this book instructs the reader in concepts not step by steps allowing the material to translate to any editing system or project.
Well done!
Mastering Multicam succeeds in taming the beast of post production.
Mitch lays it out in plain English what works best and why, based on an individual project’s needs and resources.
With up-to-date technical specs, in-depth case studies, and useful tips and insight from some of the top names in post production, Mastering Multicam is a valuable resource for editors and their assistants everywhere.
Wow! EXCELLENT technical detail. I love the tone in your writing and enjoy all the quotes and illustrations. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I’m looking forward to recommending this book to others.
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