Color Me, Pepper! PT.1 Speedgrade at Post Production World NAB2014

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Color Me, Pepper! PT.1 Speedgrade at Post Production World NAB2014

For the weekend leading up to the show floor opening on Monday it’s all about tech training sessions at NAB. Year after year the Post Production World Conference has been the standout training event. The best instructors from all over the world are here to teach over 1000 classes on everything post production and beyond.

Today I am all about color correction and the two tools I am looking at are Adobe Speedgrade and Blackmagic Design Resolve.

As to Speedgrade, I really like the the interoperability that it has with Premiere Pro CC. And now with Direct Link, your Premiere timeline “teleports” as a whole, into Speedgrade. Long gone are the days of dealing with XML round tripping- you don’t even need to clean up your timelines before grading. But, please do it anyway.

There are other features that I am just warming up to like the layering for secondaries. After wrapping my head around it, it begins to make sense, especially if you have a experience in After Effects. There is a lot of latitude with this workflow. I also like the color tempeture slider- an easy way to subtly work the white balance. The auto tracking works really well but is still a bit slow. No worries though, you can also track manually with key frames.

This version of Speedgrade is still considered a version 1 software and the new version delivering Monday at NAB, has come a long way from last year. Personally, I am very excited about integrating Speedgrade and Premiere into my daily workflows.

Thanks to presenter, Patrick Inhofer of The Tao of Color and Mixing Light who has always been on the the forefront of color technology and has a long history of broadcast color and training with Reslove and Speedgrade.



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